7 thoughts on “Audio: Ten, Bloomsbury Square

  1. And yet another novel from the author of so many surprises. Gardner McKay was a master of many crafts, but his unsurpassable gift for creating such beautiful literature will never disappear. Thank you Madeleine, for providing the world with another tale, told by a master.

  2. No matter how aged, we all still hold within us, memories of our lives in childhood. It was such a delight, to be taken back to the days when we read “Peter Pan”. Gardner McKay has created a wonderful novella, to take us back to that time and to Neverland. J.M. Barrie would have been delighted to know that the story continues in its same delightful aura. It would have been a terrific collaboration of Mr.McKay and J.M. Barrie to write even more of this wonderful story. Please read, as you will return to days long gone and richly remembered.

  3. I have just begun Trompe L’ Oeil because it was described as Mr McKay’s proudest literary achievement. I am in my 2nd reading of Journey Without A Map, which has had a profound effect on me. I have given copies of the book to several of my friends, have recommended it to others & will be reading it in two of my book clubs. I have found it “mystifying” & as someone in my early seventies it has given me new inspiration for my own life….now a retired surgeon, looking for new fulfillments.

    I have been seeking discussion material for the portion of our book club meeting where we talk about the authors style and points of inspiration. We’re there any particular issues that motivated his writing? Did he take any formal writing coursework prior to teaching it himself?

    Has his poetry been published anywhere? Reference is made to the poem he wrote for Madeline; it was apparently read at a memorial service, but I can’t find a printed copy of it on line. What might be a possible source?

    Journey Without A Map seems amenable to a motion picture & a great opportunity to showcase/promote Gardener’s philosophy about the simple, but rich life in direct contrast to fame as a commodity in today’s world of Kardashians, “Housewives” of various cities & Trump. Theo James is not as handsome, but he is close in appearance & might do the role justice.

    How can one obtain recordings of Stories on the Wind.
    Where can one find an accurate biography of Gardner McKay?

  4. Dear Madeleine,
    I have been remiss in keeping in touch. I have a 10 month old granddaughter, and I’m in love with Josephine! I hope all is well with you in every way. I don’t see any announcements about the short story endeavor? I hope you have begun painting again. Have a wonderful Summer!

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